Main Pipeline

Workflow Design and Onset Services

The feature filmmaking process is in flux.  There are an infinite amount of workflow paths that each film can go down.  Most of those paths don’t result in the best images and the greatest efficiency.  Local Hero narrows the path down to the one that’s right for your film.  We believe in removing confusion, both technically and creatively.  The full Local Hero Front End Workflow includes:

  • Workflow design from before a frame is shot, to the final deliverable
  • Consultation on camera choices
  • Look Development during prep
  • LUTS and guides to be used on-set to emulate final looks
  • All on-set and near-set data management and data archival
  • Fully graded dailies that carry forward into the eventual finish

Final Grading and Finishing

Local Hero is known for its innovative grading sessions.  We believe that the future of grading looks more like compositing than pure color-correction.  Our colorists come from a compositing background and our systems blend VFX and color in every session.  Our DI sessions can include sky replacement, beauty work, object removal, stabilization and basic compositing tasks, giving filmmakers a huge amount of flexibility and problem solving tools during their finishing process.  Once the grade is complete, Local Hero moves the film between different colorspaces and viewing environments to ensure that the images look their best the big,small, and even the mobile screen.  


An in-house VFX department allows filmmakers to keep more of their process under one roof and allows for accelerated finishing schedules.  Filmmakers can walk from their grading session to their VFX session and see the results dropped into their film right away and in context.  LocalFX focuses on invisible VFX including :

  • Advanced object removal
  • Advanced stabilization
  • Beauty work
  • Screen Replacements
  • Set extensions
  • Opening Title Sequences

DCP’s, Mastering and Delivery

Local Hero can deliver in any Film, Digital Cinema, Video and WEB format including :

  • 2K or 4K DCP and DCDM’s
  • NTSC and PAL DigiBeta
  • LTO Archival